Antonio Gianlisi, The Younger (1677-Cremona 1727) A Pair of Italian Still Lifes

Oil on canvas. Gianlisi studied in Piacenza and Parma. He worked in many great houses including the Tasca Palace in Bergamo and for Count Fenaroli in Brescia. In 1709 he settled in Cremona where he took commissions for the leading European collectors from France, Spain, Austria and Italy. Typical of Gianlisi's highly decorative manner, are the rich compositions containing tables, musical instruments and large curtains, which remind one of Bettera and Baschenis, but made more lively with still lifes, animals and colorful vases of flowers. Some of his works can be found at the Cremona Gallery.

Probably Cremona, Late 17th Century

H 46'' x W 62''